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D-System Pro : 2023 JAMB CBT Questions and Answers /Free 2023/2024 JAMB Answers

ATTENTIONS :- Do you really want to pass 2022 JAMB CBT Exam without any stress ?Do you Need 2022 JAMB CBT Expo, JAMB ExpO 2023, Jamb CBT Expo Runs 2022/2023 ?!

We have some Jamb Cheat ,Jamb Trick and Strategy that could help you Pass 2022 JAMB OUT of the Box .

Although Early of 2011 :We came up with a Jamb Assistance Package Called D-Mobile : Which you are to get your own real and legit JAMB Questions and Answers As Sms or Mail 7Hrs to your Exam.

In 2014 EntWeb Team Came-up again with another well planed Strategy Called D-System :Which We are to Hacked and send you Jamb Answers directly to your Computers i.e We are to help you answer your Jamb Questions online, We did this to overcome the issues of CCTV(Camera in the Exam Hall, We use this to safe our candidates from going into examhall with Phone, Paper or any other implicated materials.

In 2017 ,Entweb Team in a meeting, Which was lead by Mr Musa Isiak with our Top Dealers (Schools Owners, Lesson Tutorial Holder, Expo Dealers ) Who gives us Bulk Candidates , Requested if We could improved our Jamb Services a little more : By making it possible to helped their Candidates with live Assistance in the examhall.
With this request We decided to connect with some Jamb Centres , to have our own Jamb Centres which we can be able to provided live assistance .

The outcome of the meeting gives birth to a JAMB Package call D-System Pro
You will get the both D-Mobile and D-System features there But What really make it a Pro?! We have some special centres in which candidates are to choose during registration so we can help them lively . this package is 100% Real and legit but Our Team will come to you lively inside the Exam Hall because we will locate you via your provided Jamb details , In this Method you will get the any score of your choice ,Although you will also get any score of your choice in D-System .

List of our Jamb Special Centres

Note:- For you to choose Jamb Direct to Computer System Pro you must make sure you selected our Centres during registration , We have Centres in Almost every state in Nigeria .
CAUTION :-We are so sorry for security purposes, We won’t be able to listed Our Jamb special Online but you will have to contact us for the list in other to get your special centers selected during your registration at your state or even if you want to migrate it to another state.

Note: The Package is best fit for Jambites who wanted to study course like Law ,Medicine , Surgeon ETC who needs like 380 to be offer admission .

We also Guarantee you live Connection in some Universities But Note You must selected University that we have connection with . With D-System Pro the future is Now!!



Other Features


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D-System Pro

Direct to Computer-System ( Advance Plus)

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Get Your Real JAMB Questions & Answers as SMS

We gonna send you your own legit Jamb Questions and Answers as Text Message (SMS)

Get Your Real JAMB Questions & Answers Midnight to your Exam day

Receive Your JAMB Questions & Answers Midnight to your exam day, So you could Cram /Study it

Get your JAMB Question Answered Online

Our Team are to hacking the Computer Server you are to work on and Pick, Tick,Check the Answers for you( So No need to Cram or go into exam hall with Implicated materials

Select Any Score of your Choice

You could give us any Score of your target, i.e the Score you wish to have

Recharge Card Payment

Bank Payment /Transfer

Money Back Guarantee

Free Jamb Upgrading

Live Assistance in the Exam hall

By choosing our Special Centre ,Apart from sending your answers to your computer, Our Secret agent will visit you for live help with anything

Live Admission Help

Score in View

Any Score of your choiceAny Score of your choice


You could subscribe for your Students, Candidates ,Friends

Installment Payment

How Sure



If you decided to combine D-Mobile with D-System, Note That You will get D-Mobile Feature in D-System



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