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JAMB 2023 Update That Will Dramatically Boost Your Jamb CBT Score High

Jamb 2022 Update: JamB 2023 was controversial. The confusion around it has made potential candidates to go on search search for Jamb news back to back.

Candidates now have a feel of how Jamb really is even when they have not encountered live Jamb questions. Now, let’s see how Jamb 2022 Would look like and how to prepare before the exam date.

 The biggest regret you can have next year is having to write Jamb all over again. It sounds impossible to you right? But it can be the fact. In my article on Jamb facts and fiction, I explained the fact that Jamb is the most failed examination in Nigeria. Thousands of candidates repeat Jamb yearly. Your case cannot be different if you do not wake up to reality.
JAMB 2023 Update That Will Dramatically Boost Your Jamb CBT Score High ,JAMB 2023 Update That Will Dramatically Boost Your Jamb CBT Score High JAMB 2023 Update That Will Dramatically Boost Your Jamb CBT Score High

In fact, some persons reading this article have written Jamb before. If I may ask, how does it feel writing Jamb again when your mates are already in 100 level or their second year? It is time to say no to failure.

You don’t really need Jamb expo, runz or cheat to get a good score. If you can use your head very well, you will pass JamB 2022 and move ahead to seek admission in your university of choice.

Another reason why you need this Jamb 2022 Update that will dramatically boost your Jamb cbt score is that, “your friends will look down on you when they gain admission before you”. Pass JamB 2023, gain admission and be ahead of your friends.

My name is Frank Caleb and I am the CEO of EntranceExam. In this article, I will be taking you through the Jamb 2022 Update and tutorials that will dramatically boost your score in the 2023/2023 Jamb CBT. If you wish to pass 2023 Jamb very well, then you must read this article to the end.

To make sure that you really have a dramatically boosted score in JamB 2023, I have sectioned this Jamb guide into five headlines. Each of the headlines are very important. Don’t skip them.

After all, you need to understand the past so that you can handle the future.
The five sections of this Jamb news update and guide are:

  • Jamb 2023 News updates and frequently asked questions you may not want to miss.
  • What has changed so far about the Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB).
  • What has changed about Jamb candidates.
  • Reasons why you may fail Jamb.
  • How to dramatically boost your Jamb 2023 Score and say bye to UTME.


Are you ready? lets begin the journey…

 Jamb 2023 News Update And Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly discuss the hot questions that have been asked online about Jamb 2023 So far. I will also try to provide explicit answers to them.

a. Is Jamb 2023 Form out

The 2023 Jamb registration form is not out. Click here to register.

c. When Is Jamb 2023 Exam Date?

Jamb 2023 Exam date has already been decided. Click here for Jamb date

d. How much is the Jamb form

We are actually expecting reduction in price of the Jamb 2023/2023 registration form. However, expect it to be #5,000 to #7,000.

e. More About JamB 2023

Jamb 2023 May not be very difficult but competitive. This is because the examination is now a major ranking factor for gaining admission. However, you can pass JamB 2023 if you really mean it.

f. Jamb 2023 Expo and Runz

The only Jamb 2023 Expo expo you can trust is the use of past questions. It exposes you to the pattern of questions to expect.

g. How Do I get Jamb syllabus and Hot subjects?

Jamb syllabus I have done a lot of work on that. You can download Jamb syllabus and topics to read in the link below.

Download Jamb syllabus and hot topics for all Jamb subjects here

i. When is the best time to prepare for Jamb?

The best time to prepare for your Jamb 2023 Is now. The early bird catches the worm. Get the recommended materials and time table. Start work.

j. Why I read But still fail Jamb

/jamb-2023-2020-cheats-score-high-jamb-2023-exam-without-stress-get-high-score-2023-20-jamb-exam/You can read and still fail Jamb. This is because you don’t know the keys to answering exam questions with everything remaining in your brain. It doesn’t make sense right? it makes sense.

k. Jamb registration portal

Yes, so many persons search for Jamb registration website/portal. The answer is simple. The official website is jamb.org.ng What has

l. Can I do change of course after the release of Jamb results

Yes, you are allowed to change course and institution. It’s a free world.

What has changed so far about the Joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB).

A lot has changed about Jamb. After the introduction of Jamb CBT around 2012, below are other jamb updates and latest trend:

a. JAMBPin Vending” Is The Method For 2023/2023 TME Registration

UTME candidates should start getting familiar with the new system as the board will no longer make use of scratch cards. Candidates wishing to register for the examination will just make online payment and get a pin with which they can upload their data.

b. Jamb To monitor Jamb Candidates with CCTV Camera

You will now be monitored in the exam hall. The possibility of cheating will reduce drastically.

c. Jamb  now have to meet with waec and Neco to decide exam date:

In the beginning, it was not so. It was disclose few days ago that Jamb now have to meet other exam bodies to decide examination date for the 2023/2023 Utme.

d. Jamb result to be valid for 3 years:

I can say that it is a good news. On the other hand, it is not a complete god news. This is because Jamb has not enfocusd it yet.

e . Jamb Introduces 8 New Guidlines To stop Malpractice

To further make life difficult for those who depend on malpractice, Jamb rolled out 8 solid rules to stop malpractice by all means.

What has changed about Jamb candidates.

The zeal to read is no longer there. In my last article on why your interest in reading is dying gradually, I explained the common reasons why many students lose the appetite to read.

It is true that there is always cause and effect for everything that happens. However, it is also true that the solution is older than the problem itself. At this point, a good question comes to mind, “what are the possible ways to revive one’s dying interest for reading?”.

If you have ever asked yourself the question, “what is happening to my reading life, how do I increase my interest in reading once again?” Then this article is for you. I want to set your reading life on fire once again. I will make this guide as easy as possible and as well link to my previous articles so that you do not miss out anything. It is time to face book…

Clickhere to continue reading how to boost your appetite for reading.

Reasons why you may Fail JamB 2023

It is no news that Jamb 2023 Is around the corner. Also, it is not a gossip that Jamb 2023 Was a little messy. It is however not a prophecy that people could also fail massively in JamB 2023.

If you have plans to sit for 2023 Jamb, then this article is 100% compulsory for you. You can choose whether to do well this time or wait for 2023/2023 Jamb before your admission dreams come true. It is wise you choose what you want early enough.

It is a fact that the high rate of failure in Jamb cannot be over emphasized. However, it correct that no matter the high rate of failure or poor performance in Jamb, some students will still do very well. In fact, few others did very well in the past. However, their success didn’t just come without some processes.

If you must be like those who performed very well in JamB 2023, it is imperative you know how they achieved success. On the other hand, for you not to fail like the majority, you should learn from their mistakes. It is simple to score 300+ in JamB 2023. Anyway, it all depends on your decisions.

Click here to continue reading the top 10  reasons why you may fail Jamb.

JamB 2023! JamB 2023!! jamB 2023!!!

How to Pass And score very high this time around

Just like I stated above, to pass your UTME 2023, you need to pay for it. What you are not prepared for, you are not qualified for. I will explain the prices of Jamb success one after the other.

PASSION: Action needs passion, or it will be sanctioned. The number one price you should pay to pass your Joint admission and matriculation examination (JAMB) is to ignite your passion towards the examination. The day your passion dies, success will run away from you.

DETERMINATION: Determination is stronger than with-craft. The strength of every successful student is that they are determined. When you come across resistance, increase your persistence. With determination, you can achieve you desired score in Jamb.

SACRIFICE: Sacrifice is your ability to leave pleasure and work things out in your closet. It is your ability to put in your best in quest for university admission. 

Sacrifice never fails. It is time to sacrifice other things that are not relevant or necessary for your Jamb examination so as to pass once and for all.

Click here to continue reading the best solution that will help you pass Jamb once and for all.

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