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JAMB Secret On How To Be Successful In JAMB 2023/2023 Examination – JAMB Tips

JAMB SECRET on how to be successful in 2023 JAMB examination

Welcome once again my dearest and keen readers, it’s another wonderful day and we will be talking about JAMB Secret or JAMB tips on how to be Successful in JAMB 2023 .

Everyone thinks that JAMB is hard and can only be Passed by only those who are Brilliant, but that’s not the truth, what you don’t know is that JAMB has a secret they use to confuse Candidates every Year, only if you are smart enough that is when you can spot their TRICKS and SECRETS on how to Pass JAMB successfully .

Am not here to Scare you but to tell you the truth, 2022 JAMB will be tough than 2022 JAMB because of so many factors I will list on my next edition. But the good news is that once you know their SECRETS and TIPS and Master it very well then you are good to go.


Wait a minute, Do you know that JAMB mostly repeat past questions? Yes they do, that’s one of the Secrets and Tips of Passing 2022 JAMB successfully.

Let’s list some point how to outsmart JAMB in any way they come and pass 2022 JAMB successfully .

Get a good text books
Get jamb recent syllabus
Get jamb past questions and answers
Set out your goal and work towards it
Set out a reading framework
Get a jotter

Now lets explain all we just listed one after the other.

Get a Good Text Books

This is very important and should not be ignored, in fact it’s the no. 1 JAMB Secret and Tips , don’t depend on your School Note Books because they don’t normally cover wild range of Topics, and they Teachers that taught you in school are limited by time and everything is rushed up so go to the market and get good and well explanatory text book.

Get jamb recent syllabus :

You cannot read aimlessly, it’s waste of time and you will be exhausted, the main purpose of syllabus is to give you proper guidelines on how and where to read, JAMB can not set their Questions out the Recommended syllabus. So when next you get your JAMB form, please go through the syllabus that comes with it.

Get JAMB Past Questions :

honestly this is the key and secret of JAMB, don’t joke with JAMB past Questions from 1889 till date, it’s important, about 90 percent of JAMB Questions, even POST UTME comes from JAMB Past Questions.

Set Your Goal and Work Towards It:

You have to set your goal, you must decide what you want and go for it. If you want to get high Score you must aim high, I.e you must aim very high like 300+,its possible to get it, if you follow all our topics and read all our Recommendations.

Set a Reading Time Framework:

Please set out a reading and working time frame to study your books, set a Timetable for your self. Like you can read at night from 1am till 5am and set your phone to always wake you up when that times comes. I promise you that with this you will Smash your JAMB.

Get a Jotter:

Get a note book and jot all JAMB key points, expand your reading scope, as you read jot down your key points, also jot down repeated questions from JAMB Past Questions and go through it;this is one of JAMB Secret and tips on how to be successful in 2022 JAMB. search the Internet for more explanation to topics you dont understand, or you can ask us here at entranceexams.com.ng
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